The necessity of taxi booking apps has been a crucial implementation globally. It is only natural that having access to the reporting features can leverage the growth of your taxi business. From taxi booking to dispatching services, the transparency provided by the transportation network helps in maximizing the efficiency of the business. Simultaneously, ensuring the maximum accumulation of revenue.

The ride-sharing marking is projected to reach $218 billion by 2025. Several factors, like the need for personal mobility and instant travel, have catalyzed the growth of the market. Hence, taxi booking app development has emerged as a lucrative business idea.

The admin panel is a crucial component of an online taxi booking app. It helps you manage your entire taxi business and ensure your business stays on track. This guide talks about the role of an admin panel in an on-demand taxi app.

What is the Admin Panel in an On-Demand Taxi App?

The admin panel is the most critical element of an on-demand taxi booking app. It enables you to manage the entire operations of your store. You can keep an eye on your customers, monitor their behaviors, and understand their requirements. With a taxi app admin panel, you can also track and monitor the working staff – cab drivers in the case of the taxi app.

Most on-demand applications consist of two or more active parties. In the case of a taxi app, they are the passengers and the cab drivers. Hence, the application has two different versions, one for the passengers and one for the drivers.

The admin panel is a centralized dashboard that manages the activities of both the passenger as well as the driver panel. It enables you to manage your customers and drivers, along with business operations like fleet management, cost management, and more.

Who Can Access the Admin Panel?

As you can see, having access to the taxi app admin panel could provide you with significant information about the business. It gives you direct access to customer information, along with their needs, preferences, and personal information like credit card and wallet details. Hence, it's essential to be extra careful of who you grant the admin panel access.

In general, the taxi admin panel is for platform administrators, whose profile is registered in the App Center Manager. You can assign admin panel rights to different users.

Two common levels of admin panel access are:

  • Access rights to the platform
  • Access rights to the apps

Why is the Admin Panel Important in a Taxi App?

Now, the question may arise as to whether it is possible to have an on-demand taxi booking app without an admin panel. The question is relevant because developing a dedicated, responsive admin panel could be costly.

importance of admin panel in taxi app

The answer is yes. You can have a taxi management system without an admin panel. You can develop two panels for customers and drivers and let the application run on autopilot mode.

But having a taxi admin panel serves two key purposes. These include:

  • Customer Insights

    What's the point of having an on-demand business if you can't interact with your customers? If you want to grow and scale-up, you'd need to understand your customers. The fine line between you and the more successful competitor is that they know their customers better than you do.

    An admin panel allows you to understand your customers on a deeper level. It goes beyond just name, address, and phone number. You can get insights into their requirements: things they like about their business, problems they're facing, and aspects that need improvement. This information helps you make informed business decisions and seamlessly scale your business.

  • Driver Behavior

    The next crucial purpose of the admin panel is to monitor driver behavior. Drivers have had a controversial history when it comes to on-demand taxi platforms. A report from Ride Safe suggested that most deaths and assaults of both sexual and non-sexual nature associated with ground transport are attributed to cab drivers.

    As a business owner or manager, it's your responsibility to ensure your drivers comply with your company policies and values. An admin panel gives you instant access to the drivers' location, along with metrics like fuel usage, idle time, and more. This allows you to determine driver behavior more accurately and take an instant action in case of any mishappenings.

Key Admin Panel Features and Functionalities

For someone looking to invest in an on-demand taxi booking app, it's crucial to understand the basic functionalities of an admin panel. The admin panel is by no means like a passenger or driver app. It's equipped with robust reporting and analytics capabilities to provide you with in-depth access to your business.

Let's take a look at the key features of the admin panel of an on-demand taxi management system.

1 Passenger Management

The admin panel provides the details of all the passengers registered with the online taxi booking app. You can access the information they've provided, including their name, phone number, etc. The app also allows access to the passengers' ride history, along with the revenue generated from each ride.

2 Driver Management

Similarly, the panel provides the details of all the drivers registered with the app. This includes name, address, phone number, verification documents, etc. The driver management module allows you to monitor the drivers' reviews and ratings to determine their overall performance. You can also check how much hours a driver is working and how much he is earning.

3 Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard provides in-depth insights into how your business is performing. It includes reports and analytics about your overall business operations, including revenue, profits, losses, expenses, etc. Some admin panels also come with advanced report generation features that compile all the unstructured data into visual reports.

4 Taxi Dispatch

The taxi dispatch module enables you to allocate the jobs to drivers. While all admin panels come with an automatic dispatch feature, you can access it manually, too. The dispatcher also allows you to manage the entire process lifecycle, ranging from dispatching to servicing and maintenance.

5 Reports and Analytics

The taxi software admin panel also features a dedicated reports & analytics section that helps you dive deep into your business performance and statistics. It provides a comprehensive overview of your business, including the number of drivers, number of customers, total earnings, profit per ride, etc.

6 Location Management

All cabs of the fleet have a telematics system pre-installed and linked to the admin panel. Hence, you can access the real-time location of all your taxis and drivers. This helps you determine if any driver is off route or spending too much time idling.

The location management module also enables you to monitor areas with high demand. This way, you can limit activity in less-popular locations and increase activity in the high-demand region.

7 Rental Package Management

The rental package management module enables you to set hourly or daily rental packages. You can set waiting charges and other costs associated with vehicle rentals. Besides, you can specify the types of vehicles available for rentals, along with additional guidelines, if any.

8 Promo Code Management

Discounts, offers, promo codes, and cashback are essential aspects of a taxi business. They help you keep your customers excited and interested. The admin panel enables you to manage all discounts and offers from a single dashboard. You can set and change the discount limit, promo code validity, activity status, etc.

9 Trip Cancelation

Both drivers and passengers have the option to cancel a ride. It could be due to any reason, but if a driver is canceling rides more frequently, you might need to take action. The admin dashboard allows you to determine which drivers are canceling rides.

10 Promotions

Running promotions and advertisements for other vehicles and hotels is an effective way to generate revenue from your taxi app. You can run and manage all your advertisements and promotions from the taxi software admin panel. It also allows you to track and analyze your campaigns with metrics like CTR, conversion rate, etc.

The Benefits of Investing in an On-Demand Taxi Dispatch App

Benefits of the Admin Panel for Taxi Businesses

The benefits of an admin panel go beyond just managing your passengers and drivers. If used effectively, an admin panel can improve your business operations and increase your profits. Here's how an intuitive admin panel can positively impact the bottom line of your on-demand taxi business.

i Better Understanding of Customers

As discussed, knowing your customers better is essential to grow and sustain your business. The admin panel provides various reports and metrics to understand your customers' needs, issues, preferences, and requirements.

ii Better Understanding of Drivers

The well-being of drivers is equally important to your taxi business' success. The driver management section of the admin panel enables you to understand driver behaviors, along with any challenges they're facing.

iii Efficient Business Operations

The admin panel provides in-depth insights into your business operations. You can use this data to make informed decisions and make your business operations more efficient.

iv Increased Profits

Using an admin panel, you can ensure your passengers and drivers stay happy and satisfied. It also helps increase efficiency, which allows you to grow your business and generate greater profits.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, an admin panel is a central hub for all on-demand applications. In the case of taxi booking app development, an admin panel would enable you to get detailed insights into your business and make informed decisions. With the assistance of taxi app digital solutions, you as an admin can ensure seamless experiences for both riders and drivers. Therefore, you can benefit from these on-demand taxi booking solutions and enhance the proficiency of performing operations.

Are you planning a taxi app development? Don't forget to add an efficient admin panel to your application.

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